Saturday, October 17, 2015

Updates are good, too!

So something I feel like we could all improve on a little is talking to each other more. ...or at least I could! Along with that, I feel like we're not always up-to-date on the happenings in each others lives. So this is as good a place as any to do that, right? I know it's not exactly what we talked about using the blog for, but I figure we'll be discussing new memories! :)

So in that light, I just wanted to give everyone an update on stuff in the Peper Family right now (because I know you all are just dying to know!!). TJ just submitted his placement requests for next year, and we'll find out where he's going right before thanksgiving. There are 4 3-month placements, and this is what he put as his ideal schedule -
Quarter 1 - Salt Lake City, UT
Quarter 2 - Edina, MN
Quarter 3 - Shelbyville, KY
Quarter 4 - Bloomington, IN
He said he's pretty sure he won't get the one in MN because it's really popular and they only accept 2 students all year. He listed a few back-ups also, all of which were in IN. So we'll see! The kid's and I will only be able to go with him for the 1st placement (over the summer), and part of the 2nd, but we'll hopefully be able to see him over any breaks from school Steven has. Also, if he's not too far away, he could probably come home most weekends.

And that's the news from lake Wobegon... uh I mean Lake Monroe? (that's the closest lake to us...) Love you guys!


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  1. I agree, Julia. It's important to stay connected in the present, and help and support each other. Thanks for reminding us!



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