Thursday, October 8, 2015

Memories are for learning

While Julia was here these last few days, we were looking at photos of our family, circa 1980s. Wow! You guys were so young! Dad and I were so young!  That sounds ridiculously obvious, I know. However, having not looked at those photos in such a long time, it was eye opening to see us there -- younger, healthier, and in some, but certainly not all, cases happier -- and to relive those moments to some extent.  Some memories were wonderful; others were painful.  I'm sure we all wish each of our family memories were positive.  Nevertheless, they aren't, and that is the case in everyone's life. Therefore, I hope that as we write memories on this blog, we can remember all the times our family has experienced, and use those memories to become better people and a better family.  I love you all so much!  

The scripture that I'm going to be thinking about and trying to memorize (I'm kind of avoiding the word "ponderizing") is 2 Nephi 26: 24-28.  The basic idea is that Christ only does things that show His love for us, and that are for our good.  He never says to anyone, "Go away!  I don't want you to have any part in the happiness and joy of eternal life with those your love and with me."  He has never said that to anyone and He never will.  He loves all of us and wants everyone to come to Him, and in these verses He makes that very, very clear.

All my love,

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